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Replacement Of Misted Units Nottingham


If one of your double glazing windows has become 'misted' then unfortunatley it means that the seal on your window has failed. The misted appearance is due to air entering the once sealed unit and causing condesation to form internally. A ‘misted’ often as a result of improper fi­tting and/or buying the cheapest product at the lowest price. However sometimes it’s just the length of time the windows have been installed and the vacuum between the two panes has been compromised by wear and tear. Regrettably in these cases, we don’t have a magic wand and there’s no realistic alternative but replace the double glazed unit. 


Is Replacing The Unit The Only Option?


Replacing the sealed unit is the most cost effective option, it's less labour intensive and will work out the much better in the long run. For your own peace of mind we offer a full 12 months warranty on all of our sealed unit replacements.

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